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Radical surgery is indicated in selected patients with tumours clinically confined to the prostate and life expectancies longer than 10 years

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affect asimilar imaging agent being developed by General Electric Co's GE Healthcare called flutemetamol

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One quarter of the ad-initiated doctor-patient conversations lead to diagnoses of treatable problems that might have gone undetected, the doctors report.

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It was the third hepatitis outbreak since 2009 linked to a health care worker using patients' syringes (the others were in Denver and Jacksonville, Fla)

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such a small thing could help turn this season around? After all, none of the other things they'd tried

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Any pills should go in a prescription container (LE isn't going to try and verify that the pills they found are actually cyproheptadine or whatever your label says)

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LED attachments and bright xenon lights. A Punjabi hip hop song, extolling the joys of breaking into

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He has held stocks in Orexigen Therapeutics.

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UTI's may occur in infants who are born with abnormalities of the urinary tract that sometimes need to be corrected with surgery

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