Klasa 4

Szkoła Podstawowa klasa 4 – Język angielski

Topic: Czas Present Simple- praca z tekstem, ćwiczenie gramatyczne.

Zadanie Zakreśl pętlą poprawne słówko.

Hi Josh,

How are you? What 1)do / does you eat durning the day? For breakfast, I 

2)has / have a bowl of cereal with milk. For lunch, my mum

3)prepares / prepare a cheese sandwich for me. For dinner, my dad often

4)cook / cooks my favourite dish- roast chicken with potatoes and carrots. It’s delicious! I 

5)don’t / doesn’t eat any burgers or pizza or crisps because I 

6)want / wants to be healthy!

What about you? What 7)does / do you have for breakfast? What 8)does / do you eat for lunch? What dish 9)does / do you like?

Write back,

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